6 Qualities of a Pre-Owned Yacht That Is in Great Condition

Though buying secondhand is no problem for some, others hesitate because of the many horror stories that come with previously owned items of any category. I, for instance, am a skeptic myself. Maybe the item looks great on paper or in terms of cosmetics, but on the inside, it’s another story. Maybe the cost of repairs and maintenance for the item cancel out its affordable asking price. Or maybe the seller takes advantage of the buyer’s novice status with the item, closing the sale for an item that’s not exactly what the buyer needs. These scenarios could happen with secondhand cars, motorbikes, high-tech sports equipment, and gadgets, among others. For sure, they also happen from time to time with yachts.

Buying a pre-owned yacht for the first time is a challenge unto itself because it’s not easy to deduce the yacht’s condition from its appearance alone. It takes a trained eye to examine the many intricate details of a yacht’s craftsmanship and current state and see whether a secondhand vessel is good to purchase. This is why you’ll usually need the help of a brokerage service, like that which is provided by Europa Yachts Philippines, when looking for pre-owned yachts for sale. To help you get started, we’re sharing with you some of the indicators of a well-maintained yacht that a novice can keep in mind. Here are six qualities that can help you tell that a pre-owned yacht is in great condition.

—The Yacht Has Proper Documentation

The first green flag that you should watch out for with regard to the yacht’s condition is its documentation. The papers that come with the yacht should be able to help you do the following:

● trace its ownership history
● learn what kinds of yachting experiences it’s been through
● be clear on the extent of damage it might have taken on previous journeys

Suffice to say, a well-documented yacht won’t have any missing information or secrets about its previous ownership. This increases the likelihood that it’s safe to buy and therefore a good deal for you.

—Appropriate Repairs Have Been Done

That repairs have already been done on the yacht shouldn’t be a dealbreaker in and of its own. In fact, you should be glad to hear that any necessary work on the boat’s hull, engine, or interiors has already been carried out by its previous owner. One definite sign that the yacht’s in good condition is that it’s been refurbished in a way that’s commensurate to its use. As long as the owner is transparent, and you don’t need to do any additional sleuthing work to know the extent of repairs done, it should be a fair deal.

—The Yacht’s Engine Is in Good Shape

Another key indicator of the yacht’s overall condition is how well its engine works. A yacht with a badly maintained engine will eventually turn out to be an expensive problem for you. It may also spell big trouble for you when you’re out at sea, for example, if you experience engine failure in an isolated spot. When you’re on a sea trial of the yacht, ask to see and hear the condition of the engine. For good measure, you can bring a mechanic or someone else who’s well-versed in machinery with you.

—The Boat Is Easy to Maneuver

One advantage of getting a secondhand yacht is that you won’t have to take it on its maiden cruise to test its seaworthiness. You may already feel at ease when you step on a boat that’s already been broken in. But how do you ensure that you can maneuver it the way you need to?

Ask for the help of a marine surveyor to check the yacht’s steering system. Before you say yes to the purchase, a professional should be able to indicate that the steering components are complete and that maneuvering the boat won’t be an issue. If they have nothing bad to say about the steering system and the yacht’s maneuverability, you have a good vessel on your hands.

—The Yacht’s Electrical System Looks Organized and Well-Maintained

Another thing that you should check on a pre-owned yacht is the status of its electrical systems. It’s important to know if the boat’s lighting, heating, and appliances all work. This is so that you’ll be comfortable at sea, and so that neither you nor your passengers endanger yourselves because of electrical problems.

Aside from testing all the switches, you can ask to see the yacht’s fuse box. It’s a green flag if the wiring is organized and well-supported. In contrast, it’s a red flag if the wires are disorganized, deteriorated, or tangled up. Signs like these should tell you whether the yacht’s electrical system has been properly taken care of.

—There Are No Signs of the Boat Having Sunk Before

Though boat sinking incidents are less frequent than you might believe, there may still be a chance that the vessel you’re eyeing has figured in one. At worst, the previous owner may not be forthright with you on this and try to cover up the evidence with a thorough exterior cleaning. If this is the case, how will you be able to tell?

There are a couple of things that you can look out for, like rust and waterlines. Inspect the yacht’s door hinges or drawer pulls to ensure that there’s no rust inside. Look for any watermarks that may be hidden away in cabinets or other storage areas. If neither of these is present, then you may not have to worry about a bad history before you buy your yacht.

—Closing the Sale on a Well-Maintained Secondhand Yacht

In summary, if you want to buy a pre-owned yacht that guarantees you value for your money, here are a few things you need to do:

● Look for signs that the boat is well-maintained and has been properly cared for.
● Ask the experts, like your yacht brokers and your marine surveyor, about the granular details.
● Be prepared to do a little homework yourself when you’re inspecting the boat, using the tips mentioned above.
● Don’t be afraid to ask questions if anything about the yacht’s condition is unclear to you.

A secondhand yacht that’s in good condition will afford you all the same thrills as a brand-new yacht, but at an even better price. Here’s to hoping you find “the one” and can take her out for many more adventures at sea!

Photo: Photo by Vincent Gerbouin from Pexels


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