Analysis of the situation of Deshaun Watson and more

The NFL preseason doesn’t begin until the August 4 Hall of Fame Game. What should a footballer do until then?

Our latest NFL betting book gives a touch of Hollywood to the limitation of next season. Prepare the popcorn …

NFL Notebook: June 8

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Latest NFL betting news

Blockbuster betting

If you’re like me, kill this time looking for summer sun shelter inside the dark air-conditioned movie theaters, and enjoy the latest summer box office hits. And we have a lot of big-budget movies to pass the time before football completely robs us of our soul comes in September.

But these two loves of mine are not mutually exclusive. Why not marry them, fuel my excitement for the summer silver screen and make my gears run out for the next NFL betting list?

Here’s the movie cover if NFL teams were summer blockbusters:

Top Gun: Maverick is … the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If we’re talking about the “best of the best,” you know we’re talking about Tom Brady. And from one Tom to the next, the cunning veteran who proves he still has it is the plot of Cruise’s latest film and the Bucks’ 2022 campaign. Brady’s retirement lasted about as long as Top Gun’s runtime and sent odds makers struggling to adjust the TFL Bay-linked NFL odds.

The reviews have been brilliant for Top Gun: Maverick, as are the Bucks’ future lines, which have them favored in 16 of 17 games with a week 14 trip to San Francisco set as a pick’em. That could give you the “need for speed” to rush out and bet the Over on Tampa’s 11.5 overall win.

Doctor Strange in the Madness Multiverse is … the Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers signed a three-year extension with the Cheeseheads in March and told reporters he would “definitely” end his professional career as a Packer. But that choice had an impact on the NFL universe, specifically on the AFC West dimension (In front of Adams in Vegas, Russell Wilson in Denver, the Chiefs replenishing the future with the Tyreek Hill trade).

In fact, since Rodgers set a record payday in early March, great NFL players have been exchanging shirts like the gods of football playing Madden’s franchise mode. The Madman: There’s an alternate NFL universe in which Rodgers left Lambeau, Brady stayed retired, and Deshaun Watson didn’t get $ 230 million guaranteed.

Jurassic World Dominion is … the Indianapolis Colts

Same dinosaur, different movie. Thirty-seven-year-old Matt Ryan does not cause fear in the hearts of opponents as he did when he was chewing the defenses like a T-Rex in Atlanta a few years ago. However, it has a solid support cast (love me a little Jeff Goldblum) and some AFC South shit.

The last edition of this franchise failed in the final act against the Jaguars in week 18, leaving a bit of a cliff for 2022. Not even the bookmakers know how the Colts story will end, hooking them with three pick’em lines and eight matches. on both sides of a field goal (-3 to +3). Cling to your asses, at least it should be a lot of fun to watch.

It’s not … the Cleveland Browns

I think the title says it all. But even if you want to bet on the Browns, most of the odds tied to them (game and futures) are off the board as we await the fate of Deshaun Watson, who faces the demands of 24 women.

Thor: Love and Thunder is … the Kansas City Chiefs

We need to change the golden locks that flow through those Head & Shoulders curls from the brand, but the comparisons between Thor and Patrick Muhammad are right there and go beyond the hairstyles..

They both have annoying siblings that you like to hate, and according to the “Love and Thunder” trailer, Thor will have to share the focus with his partner. Jane Foster carries a rebuilt Mjolnir while Brittany Matthews shakes a campaign bottle.

After a fall in glory and losing one of his greatest weapons (goodbye Cheetah), Muhammad seeks to find out his NFL legacy after losing the 2020-21 Big Game and the AFC Championship in last winter. He is still very powerful and has his giant friend made of rocks (Kelce = Korg) who helps him on his journey through the AFC West “God Butchering”. Cue the Guns N ‘Roses.

Bullet Train is … the Baltimore Ravens

From the look of this David Leitch movie, we get a lot of fast-paced stylized action, a large number of corpses, and a Brad Pitt star who manages to escape unbelievably against an army of assassins. . It sounds like Lamar Jackson and the Ravens!

Crimes of the Future are … the Houston Texans

With Deshaun Watson’s onion peeled, it looks like jeans have some crimes from the past that they have to atone for.

As for David Cronenberg’s upcoming weird feature film, reports of his Cannes Film Festival debut said some members of the audience left because of the horrific scenes of body terror.

I look forward to seeing the same inside NRG Stadium this season, with Houston’s total wins at 4.5 and handing out even lower projections with half a win.

More NFL betting news and views

Down to the Browns

As mentioned above, the ongoing Deshaun Watson saga has sports betting playing safely with the Browns ’2022 odds.

Many books have made the Week 1 showdown from Cleveland to Carolina off the board. For stores that did not, they have made adjustments with early action trying to get ahead of any decision that would prevent Watson from playing in the first game.

Since the New York Times published the story on Tuesday, the books that left the formation on the board have been adjusted to a point.

888sport went from Browns -4 to -3, bet365 went from -3.5 to -3, as did FanDuel. And maybe it doesn’t stop there. Carolina +3 is priced as high as -118 in some places, indicating that a shift in the key number of a field goal in Cleveland -2.5 could be on the way.

The Great Short

Being considered a short favorite has been the “kiss of death” when it comes to betting on the NFL for the past four seasons.

The favorites of less than one field goal (-2.5 or less) are not only 90-116 against these short spreads (43.7%), but only 99-105-2 SU (48.5%) since of 2018. Last year, favorites of -2.5 or less were 22-26 SU and 20-28 ATS (41.7%) in the regular season.

Put this short chalk in your field and things will get even worse. Local favorites between -1 and -2.5 finished with a sad 9-15 SU and ATS (37.5%) in 2021, an indicator that the local field advantage is not what it was (in general, the local equipment covered with a 47.4% reduction). last season).

According to the 2022 prospecting lines, five teams are home favorites of -2.5 or less on three different occasions:

  • Detroit Lions: -1 vs. SEA at week 4, -2 vs. JAX at week 13, -1.5 vs. CHI at week 17
  • Las Vegas Raiders: -2.5 vs. ARZ at Week 2, -2 vs. IND at Week 10, -1.5 vs. SF at Week 17
  • New York Giants: -1 vs. CAR at Week 2, -2.5 vs. CHI at Week 4, -1.5 vs. DET at Week 11
  • New York Jets: -2.5 vs. CHI at week 12, -2.5 vs. DET at week 15, -2.5 vs. JAX in week 16
  • Seattle Seahawks: -2.5 vs. NYG at week 8, -2.5 vs. CAR at week 14, -1.5 vs. NYJ at week 17

Check out the full NFL schedule, games, odds, and more!

The last odds of the Super Bowl

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