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The net is abuzz talking about an difficulty involving names you could possibly be acquainted with. After all, they are usually dominating individuals trending lists every single other day. If you see the names “Andrea”, “Francine”, “Blythe”, “Chin”, “Seth”, and “SethDrea” each individual time you open up social media and you ponder what the heck is taking place, you’re not by itself. Prolonged story small, the concern will involve celebrities Andrea Brillantes, Francine Diaz, and Seth Fedelin. If you’ve still acquired questions, the netizens deep into the drama have acquired the responses. Read on to get to the bottom of this tea!

Who are they?

In scenario you are not common with these names, here’s a speedy introduction for you. Andrea Brillantes (a.k.a. Blythe), Francine Diaz (a.k.a. Chin), and Seth Fedelin are component of the so-named Gold Squad, along with Kyle Echarri. These up-and-coming actors have amassed a legion of lovers independently, as partners, and as a workforce.

They all starred in the 2018 afternoon drama Kadenang Ginto and have not too long ago reunited in the 2021 series Huwag Kang Mangamba. Brillantes and Fedelin (dubbed ‘SethDrea’ by admirers) and Diaz and Echarri (‘KyCine’) are onscreen couples in both equally sequence. SethDrea are however an onscreen couple in the currently airing digital sequence Stating Goodbye.


What is the drama?

andrea brillantes francine diaz
Eagle-eyed fans have found that Brillantes and Diaz are no extended pursuing every other on Instagram. This led to a good deal of speculation powering the explanation they’ve essentially unfriended each individual other in the on-line entire world.


Netizens speculate about the IG unfollow

Netizens shared their theories on why the two ladies unfollowed each other. Some think that the reason is connected to a photo of Diaz with her family and manager posing alongside Fedelin that’s making rounds on the internet. The photo was originally shared by Diaz’s mother on her personal Facebook page, with the caption “Happy new year”.

Some people are asking what the visit is for, speculating that Fedelin spent the New Year’s at the Diaz household. Fans of Diaz and Fedelin are ecstatic over the photo since they’ve been rooting for the two to have a potential on-screen love team. On the other hand, supporters of the SethDrea tandem aren’t happy about the implications.


Andrea’s Tiktok

Rumors got even bigger after Brillantes posted a clip of herself on Tiktok, captioned with a simple “Kakagising ko lang?” In the video, she was lipsyncing to the lyrics of Selena Gomez’s “Lose You to Love Me” (“I gave my all and they all know it. You turned me down and now it’s showing. In two months, you replaced us. Like it was easy. Made me think I deserved it.”).

The actress also posted a series of cryptic tweets that fueled the fire even more.

andrea brillantes francine diaz

While not confirmed as an official couple, Brillantes and Fedelin are said to have a mutual understanding with each other.


A game of follow-unfollow?

Fans were also quick to notice that while Brillantes unfollowed Diaz on both Instagram and Tiktok, she almost as quickly followed her back.


Fans are defending their idols

Brillantes’ fans want to give her a hug after what seemed to be heartbreak. On the other hand, Diaz’s fans are earnestly defending her, telling bashers not to use double standards against the two actresses.


Some just want the tea

The Mariteses of the internet can smell the drama from a mile away, and they’re ready to take it all in.


But a few are also going full-on Sherlock

Some fans took the time to investigate the root of the rumor. What did they dig up? It appears that it was a fake Facebook page of Francine Diaz that posted the New Year’s celebration photo of Diaz with her family and Fedelin captioned “Family is love.” When the post from the unofficial page went viral, netizens and fans took it at face value and assumed the worst.

But according to their findings, the photo was actually from way back. A quick look into the Instagram account of Diaz’s manager shows that he posted a photo from the same day last December 19, 2021. Fans are speculating that Diaz’s manager might take on Fedelin as a client, which is why he was there. They are also saying that Diaz’s mother often takes photos of the actress’ friends who drop by their home and shares the photos online, so this time around may not be something special.

But who knows? Only the people involved really do. Their fans are hoping they can settle this in private instead of airing it out publicly. And honestly, same.

What do you think of this issue involving Andrea Brillantes and Francine Diaz? Share your thoughts in the comments section!



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