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Korean drama Our Beloved Summer has continued to capture our hearts to the pretty close, and we’re truthfully not completely ready for it to be around. It is tough to say goodbye to the adorable and at any time-growing couple that is Kook Yeon-su (Kim Dam-i) and Choi Woong (Choi Woo-sik). In addition, there is the relaxation of the gang that would make the full display all the extra vibrant. And we all really like the relatable tale, feelings, and ordeals that every character shares with us.

It’s also fascinating to be aware how each episode is themed with an true motion picture. Did you recognize that? Each individual episode title is named immediately after a real movie, and there is both a very similar theme or scene between the movie and the episode. It is truly really wonderful how writer Lee Na-eun has woven them together. If you’re fascinated in these flicks or basically now missing the Our Beloved Summer figures, you really should examine out the videos that motivated the show’s episode titles.


Episode 2: “1792 Times of Summer”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from Fox Searchlight Pictures/(500) Days of Summer months and Netflix/Our Beloved Summer season.

Sounds acquainted? Due to the fact the 2nd episode is in fact titled soon after 500 Times of Summer season starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel. Why did the number adjust? 1792 times is basically 4.9 decades, a.k.a. the to start with 5 a long time that Yeon-su and Woong expended with each other as a pair ahead of their messy split-up. The episode also started off with a recount of their break-up from Woong’s point of view and an on-monitor timer, which is similar to how 500 Days’ Tom Hansen advised the tale of his unsuccessful connection with Summer. Reward: there is also an iconic elevator scene that highlighted the two qualified prospects, which we assume is surely a nod to 500 Days of Summer season.


Episode 3: “10 Things I Hate About You”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from Buena Vista Pics/10 Factors I Despise About You and Netflix/Our Beloved Summer time.

Like the 1999 movie of the same name starring Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger, this episode of Our Beloved Summer time observed the protagonist — Woong, in this occasion — enumerate ten matters he hates about his then-girlfriend Yeon-su, ahead of he then ends up enumerating issues he loves about her, as if he couldn’t assistance it. We can also see similarities among the figures of Kat (Stiles) and Yeon-su, who is almost certainly the shrew in the romantic relationship.


Episode 6: “Pride and Prejudice”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from Common Pics/Pride and Prejudice and Netflix/Our Beloved Summer season.

Everybody almost certainly is familiar with Satisfaction and Prejudice, whether or not it is the authentic classic novel or the legendary 2005 motion picture adaptation starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen. One particular of the most unforgettable scenes in that film was possibly the confession scene in the rain, which introduced Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy closer to just one an additional. Meanwhile, in Episode 6, we also see Yeon-su and Woong obtaining with each other on a rainy working day, which is thematic with Price and Prejudice’s confrontation scene in the gazebo though it’s pouring buckets exterior. (And we get another kiss-below-the-rain scene in a later episode, also!)


Episode 7: “Catch Me If You Can”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from DreamWorks Pics/Catch Me If You Can and Netflix/Our Beloved Summertime.

Even though the 2002 movie of the exact same title isn’t specifically in the romance style like most on this record (it’s about a con artist being chased by the FBI), the episode named soon after it bears some quite sturdy resemblances to the movie. For a single, Woong recounted how he had a prolonged heritage of operating absent — either since he doesn’t want to deal with it at the moment or due to the fact he wishes to give his chaser some time to tranquil down. Then Woong proceeds to operate absent from the documentary crew for the relaxation of the episode.


Episode 9: “Just Friends”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from New Line Cinema/Just Friends and Netflix/Our Beloved Summer season.

This episode confirmed the awkward aftermath of Yeon-su and Woong’s unanticipated kiss, the first considering that their split-up. Woong required them to continue to be pals, and Yeon-su tries to abide by his wishes, but it helps make up for some hilarious encounters, primarily when the two of them of course nevertheless have so substantially thoughts for just about every other. Like this episode, the 2005 film of the same name followed two most effective close friends (Ryan Reynolds and Amy Sensible) who tried desperately to continue to be friends, only to close up recognizing that they’re too romantically fascinated in one particular a further to do that.


Episode 12: “Begin Again”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from The Weinstein Company/Commence Yet again and Netflix/Our Beloved Summer months.

In Episode 12, Yeon-su and Woong are eventually — Finally! — back alongside one another. They located a new starting jointly, just like Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo did in the 2013 musical film of the very same title. It’s all in the title. The two sets of leads got new beginnings immediately after a lengthy time period of wrestle.


Episode 13: “Love Actually”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from Universal Images/Appreciate Actually and Netflix/Our Beloved Summertime.

With the direct few basking in the pleasure of becoming in every single other’s arms after yet again, they’re also emotion alternatively worried and cautious of rediscovering their dynamic as a pair. The episode showed some lovable still uncomfortable hijinks concerning Yeon-su and Woong, but they do locate their footing in the conclude, just like the figures of Similarities: sprawling enjoy stories throughout distinctive people from the 2003 film Like Really. And like the movie, we also get to check out the tales of the quite a few distinctive characters in the drama, like the budding romance involving manager Eun-ho and greatest buddy Sol-yi.


Episode 15: “Three Idiots”

Our Beloved Summer
Screenshots from Reliance Major Pics/A few Idiots and Netflix/Our Beloved Summer time.

Nearing its finale, Our Beloved Summer is setting up to wrap up the loose finishes close to our favorite figures, specifically Yeon-su, Woong, and their childhood buddy Kim Ji-woong. This trio of idiots, as it ended up, have their personal struggles and insecurities to offer with (just like the trio of the critically acclaimed 2009 Indian movie 3 Idiots), and all of them occur to mild in this episode.


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