Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

The Filipino language could be fairly tough to learn, even if you’re a Filipino. There are terms that are spelled the very same way but audio and suggest different items (e.g. kaibigan/ka-ibigan). And there are words that sound the identical but are spelled in another way and signify various things. The finest instance of this is the ever-baffling ‘ng’ and ‘nang’. Ordinarily, ‘ng’ is utilised in the same context as ‘of’ or whenever it solutions the question ‘ano’ (i.e. what). In the meantime, ‘nang’ has a lot of various works by using, such as a substitute for ‘noong, or ‘upang’ or ‘para’, or an solution to ‘bakit’ or ‘paano.’ Honestly, it receives very puzzling, and most of the time, we depend on our instincts to know which is which in the proper context. Do you want to come across out if you basically know the distinction? Take this ng vs nang quiz now!

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