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Credit Card Overspending

We have all heard the horror tale. You used way much too much on buying utilizing your credit card. The bill comes and you really do not have sufficient funds to settle your invoice. Months go and the story continues to be the exact. Then one particular working day, a financial debt collector comes calling, threatening you with all kinds of nasty factors under the heavens for you to spend your monthly bill.

Working with personal debt assortment is never uncomplicated. First, biting off extra than you can chew is not truly the very best factor, particularly with money—and precisely with credit cards. Truthfully, it’s actually nobody else’s fault but your have.

But what can you do as soon as personal debt comes knocking on your door?

KNOW YOUR Legal rights

Initially off, know that financial debt selection is certainly lawful in the Philippines. What is not allowed is for debt collectors to threaten, use abusive and violent language, use deceptive practices, and do untrue representation to get you to fork out your dues. If these ever happened to you, you might report them to the Monetary Customer Security Section of the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas.

Stay clear of More Problem

You know you have credit card debt. There’s no will need to more worsen the circumstance. Hardly ever give added information and facts to financial debt collectors, like e-mail addresses, existing and past businesses, your family’s facts, cellular phone quantities, credit cards, financial institution accounts, mailing address, social security variety, and any other particular data. Apart from the probable further trouble this may possibly carry you, a further detail that this would stay away from is currently being ripped off. The collector may perhaps not be actually representing the bank or creditor you owe income to.


Ok, so the financial debt collector arrives knocking in, and he doesn’t do any of the previously mentioned. The best factor to do then is to settle your invoice. Very well, you put in that cash. You need to come across means to commence paying up for that income.

Just one thing you can also do—before that financial debt collector arrives at you—is to phone up your bank, negotiate for a reduced monthly bill, and settle for a payment scheme that’s realistically doable on your part. Most people who are deep into credit rating card money owed are not informed of this. But indeed, this is totally allowed.

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CAN YOU GO TO JAIL FOR NOT Having to pay YOUR Bills?

The short remedy is no. According to Post III, Part 20 of the Monthly bill of Legal rights of our 1987 Charter, “No person shall be imprisoned for credit card debt…” This is relevant not only for credit card debts, but to personal money owed as very well. But however, banks and creditors can still sue you, especially if you intentionally operate away from your debt—like changing handle without having informing the lender and with intent to defraud. This is credit card fraud, which can land you in prison. And even if you really do not go to jail, your property may well conclude up becoming seized by the lender.


The best idea for preventing credit card debt collectors? By no means shell out a lot more than you can pay on credit rating cards. Find out to control your paying. Restrict your purchases on a regular monthly, weekly, and day-to-day foundation. And if you cannot observe self-regulate, snip that credit score card in 50 % and throw it in the bin. Overspending solved.


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