Grammy: Best and worst moments of the 2022 Awards

TThe 64th edition of the Grammy Awards aired Sunday night from Las Vegas, taking place in the shadow of a highly controversial Oscars ceremony just a week earlier. These have been tough years for the Recording Academy, which has dealt with internal strife, accusations of back door traffic and the desertion of some of the biggest music stars: Drake and The Weeknd. publicly relinquished Grammy legitimacy, while Kanye West was banned. this ceremony due to “online behavior.”

But instead, a younger group of superstars claimed their claim to the center of the pop world at the 2022 Grammy Awards, from Olivia Rodrigo to Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X. Jon Batiste was the big winner of at night, taking home Album of the Course. Silk Sonic, the duo of Anderson.Paak and Bruno Mars, won the song and album of the year for their sensual “Leave the Door Open”. The Foo Fighters, mourning the death of drummer Taylor Hawkins, swept the three categories they were nominated for, including Best Rock Album (Medicine at midnight) and Best Rock Song (“Waiting on a War”). Trevor Noah hosted for the second year in a row. These are some of the best and worst moments of the night.

Best: Jon Batiste

The big winner of the night was Jon Batiste, who took home five awards, including Album of the Year. We are. It has been a winding path for Batiste, who grew up in a family of New Orleans music royalty, rose to the ranks of the jazz world for his virtuoso interpretation of the piano, became the leader of the band for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and then decided to try his hand at being a pop leader. When TIME interviewed Batiste in April, he described his latest pivot as inevitable:

“Do I work from the perspective of, where does everything inevitably lead me? of black octopus “.

On Sunday night, Batiste lived up to the occasion and performed a “Freedom” performance that brought together many musical and cultural lineages — classical flute piano, booming 808 bass drum, jazz bebop, and hip dance. -hop— in a coherent and exuberant whole. . The performance set up the room, especially Billie Eilish and Finneas, who were seen looking at him reverently.

To close out the show, Batiste took home the biggest prize of the night, the Album of the Year, and delivered one of the best awards speeches in recent memory. “I believe this to the core: there’s no ‘best’ musician … No better artist, no better dancer, no better actor,” he said. “The creative arts are subjective … It’s like making a song or an album and having a radar to find a person when they need it most.”

He paid tribute to his family, both his father and grandfather are on the album, as well as other nominees in his category, saying his music gave him “out-of-body experiences”. He then encouraged the young musicians to stay true to themselves: “Be you. Keep it up. ”

Best: SZA and Doja Cat Win First Grammys for “Kiss Me More”

There was hardly a dry eye in the house when SZA and Doja Cat took home their first (and undeniably deserved) Grammy for best duo / pop group performance for their song “Kiss Me More”, a of the TIME election for the 2021 song. summer. Although the victory had many reasons to be memorable, since Doja was in the bathroom when it was announced that Lady Gaga was helping SZA, who was walking on crutches, with her train as she walked to the stage, it was the tearful and beautiful appreciation of Doja and SZA. for each other in their acceptance speeches that offered us one of the most moving moments of the night.

The victory of Doja and SZA is only the second time that two women have won this category, a significant moment that was not lost for Doja, who set aside his characteristic stench for a moment of gravity at the end of his speech: “It simply came to our notice then. a lot of shit, but that’s, uh, it’s one great agreement. “

Best: Lil Nas X’s lush medley

No contemporary artist understands the zeitgeist as the baby of the industry and the prolific tweeter Lil Nas X, who gave one of the liveliest performances of the night. From four of his songs on his album Montero and with a cheeky guest appearance as rapper Jack Harlow, Lil Nas X featured a dazzling, well-paced medley that was as lush as it was entertaining. To put it bluntly, Lil Nas X understood the commission, and the Grammys were better at it.

Best: Olivia Rodrigo’s debut

Fifteen months have passed since Olivia Rodrigo’s “driver’s license” took the Internet by storm, breaking all kinds of streaming records and making countless performances and tributes to TikTok. On Sunday, Rodrigo demonstrated on the biggest music scene that “Driver’s License” was not just a TikTok trend with the taste of the month, but a defining torch ballad of the time. He howled in anguish, as if reliving his first lovelessness as a teenager, on a movie set in a small dusty village, with birds (or perhaps remains) fluttering in the background.

In shows like Tiny Desk, Rodrigo has shown that he has great pipes despite not performing live until last year, and his Grammy debut firmly placed her in a lineage of great dancers such as Stevie Nicks, Brandi Carlile and Adele. Later, Rodrigo won Best New Artist and Best Pop Solo Performance, proclaiming on stage, “This is my biggest dream come true.”

Most Vegas: BTS

BTS was made pretty much for Las Vegas: a sleek, ultra-polished multi-script group fueled by perfectionism, eye-catching entertainment, and a love of pop culture. So they seemed completely in their element in their rendition of their hit No. 1 hit “Butter,” delivered with the craftsmanship and joy practiced by the band’s most experienced performers. The group started with V flirting with the it-girl of the night, Olivia Rodrigo, and Jungkook coming down from the ceiling.

The group, dressed in monochrome costumes, proceeded to live out their cosplay dreams Mission impossible i Now you see me, jumping over the laser beams and throwing cards around the room. As his shiny shoes swept the floor, not a heel kick or a jump was out of place.

Best: Tribute to Ukraine

Although the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, did not have the opportunity to speak on behalf of his country at the Oscars, as they say he wanted, given his background in the world of entertainment and massive Oscar audience, settled for the next best: the Grammys. In a previously recorded video, Zelensky emphasized the importance of music for Ukrainian culture, especially in the war: “Our musicians wear armor instead of tuxedo. They sing to the wounded, “he said. “Russia carries a horrible silence with its bombs. Fill the silence with your music.”

The video was followed by a moving performance by John Legend and several Ukrainian artists — bandit Siuzanna Iglidan, singer Mika Newton, poet Lyuba Yakimchuk — who linked biblical, African-American, and Ukrainian struggles for their own freedom and sovereignty. .

Best: Billie Eilish’s sweet tribute to Taylor Hawkins

Billie Eilish put on one of the best performances of the night with a charismatic and rock rendition of the title track of her album. Happier than ever. While Eilish and her brother / producer Finneas performed on a set that replicated the song’s music video, the most emotional part of the performance may have been Eilish’s bittersweet tribute to Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins , who died less than a month ago. Wearing a oversized T-shirt with a printed Hawkins face, Eilish’s cathartic and energetic performance captured the energy that the late Hawkins often embodied with the Foo Fighters.

Less impact: Trevor Noah

Daily show Host Trevor Noah took over the Grammys for the second year in a row and presided over a very different kind of ceremony than the last: while the 2021 awards were socially distant and silenced, this one was aimed at the splendor of Las Vegas. But Noah didn’t match that energy and rushed through most of his fist lines (perhaps in an effort to keep the show running at runtime).

However, he landed on a pair of solid zingers. Referring to NFT’s obsession with some musicians, he joked, “You know it’s hard when your favorite artists go from trying to sell you music to selling you photos of digital monkeys.” And after Silk Sonic won “Song of the Year,” Noah gave Anderson.Paak all the credit for the band’s success, telling his bandmate Bruno Mars, “Let’s not talk about Bruno.” (For those of you wondering: this song from Charming will be eligible for next year’s Grammys.)

Most played: jokes about the slap

[Barenaked Ladies voice] Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars a week ago, though it seems like a lot more time has passed. Jerrod Carmichael got it right Saturday night live this weekend, when he joked that “it looks like we’ve been living after this all our lives,” and confessed that he never wanted to talk about it again.

The slap was the subject of a couple of jokes on Sunday night, which were mostly met with some tense laughter. “We’re going to keep people’s names out of our mouths,” Trevor Noah said in his brief monologue. And Questlove, while presenting the song of the year, jokingly told everyone in the room to “keep 500 feet from me.” (Questlove himself had been on the scene of the showdown last week, accepting an Oscar for his film Summer of the soul.)

Best: Celebrate non-stars

While pop stars dominated the night, the Grammys also gave some shine to lesser-known artists and teams that tirelessly supported backstage artists. With the number of performance spaces in the MGM Grand scarce, the organizers decided to implement a second stage on the roof of the MGM, where several non-pop acts reproduced the broadcast inside and outside the advertising breaks. However, this somewhat unelegant solution put artists who would never have had a chance to play at the Grammys on television. And all of them, from Aymée Nuviola to Maverick City Music to Billy Strings, showed off their musical virtuosity, rolling with their most famous counterparts on the ground floor.

Meanwhile, several A-list performers were introduced by members of their crew tour, including costume supervisors and production directors, who served as a reminder of how essential huge teams are to create magic on stage and of the duration that has been affected by the tour industry. VOCID-19[FEMININEEnunaèpocadeculturastanicultealsídolslasevapresènciavaseruncanvideritmebenvingut

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