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On April 1, we will find out which teams will be assigned to Group B of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which will be held from November 21 to December 18 at the end of this year in Qatar.

As with all other World Cup groups, Group B will consist of four teams drawn from each of the four different boats. One of the top seven Pot 1 seeders will be in Group B, with Qatar host country already guaranteed to be selected in Group A according to World Cup tradition.

So there are three more teams to come from Pots 2-4. The four pots are grouped according to the FIFA World Ranking published on March 31:

  • Pot 1: seven top ranked teams + Qatar host
  • Pot 2: the next eight teams ranked according to ranking
  • Pot 3: the next eight teams ranked according to ranking
  • Pot 4: five teams with the lowest ranking + three unclaimed places

The draw will start with Pot 1 and end with Pot 4. The teams drawn from each pot are registered in a group starting with Group A and advancing to Group H. Teams drawn from Pot 1 in a group will automatically occupy the first space of a group. group (Ex. A1, B1, C1, etc.).

Pot 1 Pot 2 Pot 3 Pot 4
Qatar (51) * Mexico (9) Senegal (20) Cameroon (37)
Brazil (1) Netherlands (10) Iran (21) Canada (38)
Belgium (2) Denmark (11) Japan (23) Ecuador (46)
France (3) Germany (12) Morocco (24) Saudi Arabia (49)
Argentina (4) Uruguay (13) Serbia (25) Ghana (60)
England (5) Switzerland (14) Poland (26) Intercont’l Playoff 1
Spain (7) USA (15) South Korea (29) Intercont’l Playoff 2
Portugal (8) Croatia (16) Tunisia (35) Euro Playoff

Geographic restrictions: Teams in the same region cannot be drawn in the same group except in Europe. As there are 13 European teams in the draw and only eight groups (AH), a maximum of two European nations are allowed in a single group. If there is a geographic clash, the drawn team simply moves to the next group in sequence.

Table and matches of group B of the World Cup

Equipment PTS GP W L D GF GA GD
B1: TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
B2: TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
B3: TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
B4: TBD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Group B match schedule

Data Party Time (ET) Stadium
Mon, November 21st B1 vs B2 TBD TBD
Mon, November 21st B3 vs B4 TBD TBD
Friday, Nov. 25 B1 vs B3 TBD TBD
Friday, Nov. 25 B4 vs B2 TBD TBD
Tuesday, November 29th B4 vs B1 TBD TBD
Tuesday, November 29th B2 vs B3 TBD TBD

The four teams selected in the group will play a round-trip format with each nation facing the other three. The group classification is based on the points of these three matches of the group stage: three points for a win, one for a draw, none for a defeat.

The first two teams in each group, depending on the total number of points, go to the knockouts of a single game. If the teams are tied on points, the goal difference is the first tie followed by the goals scored. If the teams are also tied in these categories, another tiebreaker set applies.

Start times and stadium allocations for each group match will be determined by FIFA after the draw to optimize the broadcast time slots in the participating countries and for the trips of the fans to Qatar.

Group B draw for the World Cup

According to the official FIFA 2022 World Cup draw procedure, the following is how the draw is done:

  • Step 1 Team: One team name will first be randomly drawn from each pot, starting with Pot 1 and ending with Pot 4. Each pot will be emptied before moving on to the next.
  • Step 2 Group: Each team will automatically enter the next group in order of group AH. Thus, the first team drawn from each pot goes to group A, the second team to group B, and so on to group H. If there is a geographical constraint (see above) that prevents a team from being included in a group , then this computer simply fits into the next group.
  • Step 3 Group space: All Pot 1 teams will automatically occupy the first space in a group (Ex. A1, B1, C1, etc.). For the other pots, a ball will be drawn at random to determine the group slot of a nation (e.g. A2, A3, or A4). Why does a group band matter? Determines the sequence of matches, so it is important that it be selected at random.

Three of the 32 nations participating in the World Cup will be determined two months after the June draw by a good handful of simple playoffs:

  • Australia vs. United Arab Emirates winner (Asia) vs. Peru (South America)
  • Costa Rica (North America) vs. New Zealand (Oceania)
  • Wales vs. Scotland Vs. Winning Ukraine (European playoffs)

During the World Cup draw, both the Asia / South America position marker and the North America / Oceania position marker must avoid all possible geographical clashes. The Wales / Scotland / Ukraine position marker will be treated like any other European participant in terms of geographical restrictions (maximum two European nations per group).

Teams that will advance from Group B of the World Cup

Shortly after the World Cup draw, sports betting is expected to pick up the group odds for each team to advance from the group stage.

The first and second place finishers in Group B will advance to the round of 16 and will face the two teams to advance from Group A on Saturday 3 December and Sunday 4 December.

The official FIFA 2022 World Cup match schedule describes the following qualifiers for the round of 16:

Round of 16 of the World Cup

Data Party Time (ET) Stadium
Saturday, December 3 1A vs. 2B 10 h Khalifa Int’l
Saturday, December 3 1C vs. 2D 2 p.m. Ahmad Bin Ali
Sunday, December 4th 1D vs. 2C 10 h Al Thumama
Sunday, December 4th 1B vs. 2A 2 p.m. Al Bayt
Mon, December 5th 1E vs. 2F 10 h Al Janoub
Mon, December 5th 1G vs. 2H 2 p.m. Stage 974
Tuesday, December 6th 1F vs. 2E 10 h City of Education
Tuesday, December 6th 1H vs. 2G 2 p.m. Lusail

Quarterfinals of the World Cup

Data Party Time (ET) Stadium
Friday, December 9 QF1: 1E / 2F versus 1G / 2H 10 h City of Education
Friday, December 9 QF2: 1A / 2B versus 1C / 2D 2 p.m. Lusail
Saturday, December 10 QF3: 1F / 2E vs. 1H / 2G 10 h Al Thumama
Saturday, December 10 QF4: 1B / 2A versus 1D / 2C 2 p.m. Al Bayt

World Cup semifinals

Data Party Time (ET) Stadium
Tuesday, December 13th QF2 vs. QF1 2 p.m. Lusail
Wednesday, December 14th QF4 vs. QF3 2 p.m. Al Bayt

3rd place in the World Cup

Data Party Time (ET) Stadium
Saturday, December 17 Semifinal losers 10 h Khalifa Int’l

World Cup final

Data Party Time (ET) Stadium
Sunday, December 18th Winners of the semifinals 10 h Lusail

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