He Just Messed With the Wrong Fandom

Social media personality Xian Gaza is once again at the center of Pinoy internet after he suddenly posted a not-so blind item recently. Yes, he’s trending again. And yes, everyone’s tired (except for some very extreme Mariteses in the comment section of his Facebook posts).


Before anything else

Here’s another reminder that Xian Gaza already has quite a colorful history. He is known for publicly asking out local celebrities like Nadine Lustre and Erich Gonzales (and even one international personality: BLACKPINK’s Jennie). And he also has a police record for scamming other people. Many netizens find his actions “annoying”, “creepy”, and even “alarming and disturbing”.

Again? Xian Gaza Just Asked Blackpink’s Jennie Out On A Date Via Billboard and Netizens Are *TIRED*

Again? Xian Gaza Just Asked Blackpink’s Jennie Out On A Date Via Billboard and Netizens Are *TIRED*


So what did he post this time?

xian gaza again
Out of nowhere, Gaza shared a new Facebook post that says: “Barbie Imperial neseye ne eng lehet Kathryn Bernardo.” This seems to be a reference to Daniel Padilla’s song titled “Nasa’ Yo Na Ang Lahat.” A few minutes later, he shared a photo of Karla Estrada, the mother of Padilla, and alleged that Imperial looks like one of the girls behind Estrada. He followed it up with a comment saying “may alam ako.” Much later, he directly tagged Estrada in a separate post, asking her to clarify things about the photo.
xian gaza again
xian gaza again
xian gaza again


KathNiel fans are mad

Fans are warning Xian: you’re testing the wrong couple and the wrong fandom.

He’s really just angering the fandom. They’ve got full trust in their idols.

They’re waiting for Daniel Padilla to pop off, like he did before.


They’ve even got receipts

KathNiel fans created a timeline of the couple’s location based on their posts and those from friends. Detectives who? KathNiel fans can do a lot of work when they’re provoked like this.

Cue mic drop! Daniel Padilla has spoken.

Even Kathryn Bernardo is just laughing it off. “Alagang Ford po.” The couple sounds very happy, so what is Xian Gaza going on about?

But netizens in general are just so done

It’s 2022, Xian Gaza. Leave people alone!


Is he doing this as retaliation?

He has been on Barbie Imperial’s case before, creating drama about the actress and alleging she was involved in a cheating scandal. And now here he is once again, speculating Imperial is a third party. Some netizens believe that he’s doing this in revenge for Imperial turning down his offer to work for his company for PHP 6 million. If this is true, our only question is, why can’t some guys (*cough*Xian Gaza*cough*) take a no gracefully? We hope Barbie’s okay.


Or is he doing this to promote his app?

Other netizens think these blind item posts he keeps on publishing are all part of a marketing effort to promote his gossip app ISYUS. And if this is his reason, can we all make a deal to not download it?



Regardless of his motives, most netizens just want him to stop. We’re tired of seeing his name on the internet, but can’t look away. *googles how to deactivate someone else’s Facebook account*

The year *literally* just started.

What do you think of Xian Gaza’s latest antics?

#Messed #Wrong #Fandom

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#Messed #Wrong #Fandom

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