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Henrik Hecklen

It’s only been a week since then Henrik Hecklen went to Madrid to compete in the Triton Poker Series. The Dane entered the € 100,000 buy-in Main Event and left with a colossal prize of € 2,170,509 after an agreement with Orpen Kisacikoglu (€ 2,016,491). Now Hecklen has a chance to win another seven-figure prize, he is the chip leader with 40 players left in the $ 10,300 SCOOP High 2022 main event purchase.

The 654 headlines, which created a prize pool of $ 6,540,000, have been reduced to 40 more manageable and it is Hecklen who wants the highest. He returns to the tables with 10,736,164 tokens in tow, one of only two players armed with eight-digit stacks. of Bulgaria “AchoBogdanov” is the other with 10,322,915 tokens.

Each returning player is guaranteed a minimum of $ 23,262 for the effort, but this increases to $ 102,819 when there are only nine players left, which is what will happen at the end of Day 3, which starts at 5:30 pm BST on May 31st. .

Hecklen can lead now, but he won’t have an easy path to the title and the first prize of $ 1,141,510. This is because, as is often the case at the $ 10,300 main SCOOP event, the field is still full of elite professional players.

Salas wins the second SCOOP title in history; Bankroll pads with $ 103K

that of Germany “Sintoras” they will have their chances courtesy of returning with 9,331,928 tokens. British star Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson (8,830,277) sits back in fourth place, while Advantage “EEE27” Parssinen (5,909,325) has a stack of top ten.

Below, in the chip count, you will find luminaires such as Pascal “Pass_72” Lefrancois (4,343,327), James “RUNSITSRANN” Rann (3,681,040), David “MissOracle” Yan (3,327,340), Yuri “the NERDguy” Dzivielevski (2,760,782) and short batteries Andras “probirs” to Nemet (479,334).

Follow all the action on the penultimate day from 6pm BST only on the official PokerStars Twitch channel.

SCOOP 95-H: $ 10,300 from the main NLHE event 10 chip counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Henrik “hhecklen” Hecklen United Kingdom 10,736,164
2 AchiBogdanov Bulgaria 10,322,915
3 Sintoras Germany 9,331,928
4 Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson United Kingdom 8,830,277
5 Beriuzy Canada 8,481,021
6 Blaz “Scarmak3r” Zerjav Slovenia 7,940,340
7 CPUrul0r Austria 7,715,148
8 Kayhan “KayhanMok” Roshanfekr Norway 6,959,009
9 Sniper Gogac Austria 6,248,015
10 Advantage “EEE27” Parssinen Finland 5,909,325

Astedt lurked on the 3rd day of the $ 1,050 NLHE main event

Niklas Astedt
Niklas Astedt

He $ 1,050 NLE main event started with 4,408 players, but only 79 of those players are still looking for the first prize of $ 628,713. A large percentage of the $ 4,408,000 prize is still to be distributed, with the top six making their $ 1,050 investment six figures.

of Malta “000000000136” is the player to catch for day 3, but there is not much distance between his stack of 17,283,610 tournament leaders and the 17,005,672 chips that “NikTolik” has in its power.

Lots of star names throw in the chip count, included Ben “jenbizzle” Jones (13,972,666) of the United Kingdom, and a certain Niklas “Lena900” Astedt (8,689,610) hiding out of the top ten chip counts in 14th place.

Pour in the mixture to taste Timothy “Tim0thee” Adams (4,937,116), Dinesh “NastyMinder” Alt (4,102,628) i Christopher “smooth smells” to Frank (2,314,536) and you have the recipe for an exciting day 3.

The game resumes at 5:30 pm BST and continues until only nine players have chips in front of them.

SCOOP 95-M: $ 1,050 NLHE main event 10 chip counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 000000000136 Malta 17,283,610
2 NikTolik Kazakhstan 17,005,672
3 Gaston “g-man / obell” Belluscio Argentina 16,770,679
4 Kasparovaks Canada 15,886,526
5 Galanthus 1 Croatian 14,786,197
6 Ben “jenbizzle” Jones United Kingdom 13,972,666
7 Hungary 12,117,020
8 Sebbecenter9 Denmark 10,117,020
9 TOBSEN_TE9 Austria 9,806,824
10 necgaidziai Lithuania 9,770,711

Schemion completes the Hat Trick SCOOP 2022; Mattsson makes a double save

The race is underway to become the champion of the $ 109 NLHE main event

There is still a lot of play in the $ 109 NLHE Main Event because 158 windmills are still fighting for the first prize of $ 259,474. Some 25,534 players started this event with high hopes and created a prize pool of $ 2,553,400. Only 158 return for day 3, each with $ 1,481.

The Brazilians form six of the current top ten and occupy the top two places in the standings. “GoianoVix” leads the way thanks to its 16,707,659 tokens, with another Brazilian “Mr. Havener” with 13,934,680 records.

Not more Marco “marcozevola5” Zevola (12,474,241) i “RecedevusT” of Sri Lanka (11,310,443) have more than 10 million tokens.

SCOOP 95-L: $ 109 NLHE Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 GoianoVix Brazil 16,707,659
2 Sr. Havener Brazil 13,934,680
3 Marco “marcozevola5” Zevola Argentina 12,474,241
4 Recedevus T Sri Lanka 11,310,443
5 Don Wakamayo Chile 9,484,519
6 Ophelia 741 Canada 9,482,981
7 andre # 6111 Brazil 8,960,653
8 Mellov Brazil 8,400,662
9 Leo Alcantara Brazil 8,236,304
10 brasil5card Brazil 7,769,206

$ 253,000 awaits $ 10,300 high PLO main event champion

Mads Amot
Mads Amot is in the mix at another important event

Action in the $ 10,300 main PLO event resumes at 5:30 p.m. BST on May 31 with only seven of the 106 entrants vying for a maximum prize of $ 253,304 and, of course, the title of champion.

of Poland “Stroynowski” (6,329,409) has a small advantage d.apolo777“(6,067,876) from the UK when the cards are back on the air. The other five finalists will have a test of where this particular title marks home at the close of the game.

“PokerLoans1” he hopes to snatch Argentina’s victory, however Mads “madsamot” Amot, Andrey “Anyeyyy” Novak, Maxi “mikki696” Lehmanskii Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger You have plans to ruin the night for anyone who thinks this tournament is a done deal.

Dinesh High offers $ 157,000 reward after demolishing SCOOP Titans event

SCOOP 97-H: $ 10,300 PLO Main Event Final 7 chip counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 Stroynowski Poland 6,329,409
2 d.apolo777 United Kingdom 6,067,876
3 PokerLoans1 Argentina 5,744,726
4 Mads “madsamot” Amot Norway 2,722,154
5 Andrey “Anjeyyy” Novak Ukraine 2,349,972
6 Maxi “mikki696” Lehmanski Austria 2,230,259
7 Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger Austria 1,055,604

Leonard hoping to become a six-time SCOOP champion

Patrick Leonard
Patrick Leonard is looking for the title SCOOP # 6

Seventeen players are in the middle Patrick “pads1161” Leonard and Leonard’s sixth SCOOPP title. Leonard won his first SCOOP in 2017, then a double in 2020 and 2021, but has so far left that series blank. That could change because the popular British has sailed for most of the 679 field at the $ 1,050 main event PLO and currently ranks eighth with 18 players remaining.

of Canada “uwintakeit” arrives on the final day with a substantial advantage. They have 13,537,441 betting slips at their disposal Benjamin “beastishngry” Juhasz with 7,337,413 in second place.

However, PLO is a very swing game, so don’t rule out the possibility of Bernando “bedias” Dias (3,717,764), Leonard (3,497,631), of the flying Finnish I’m “I1206” Joentausta (3,239,335) when the cards return to the air.

SCOOP 97-M: $ 1,050 PLO of the main event of the top 10 chip counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 uwintakeit Canada 13,537,441
2 Benjamin “beastishngry” Juhasz Hungary 7,337,413
3 Johan5390 Sweden 5,633,489
4 untouchable10 Moldova 5,488,284
5 Sunday Lithuania 4,712,414
6 zibrrr Brazil 3,861,160
7 Bernardo “bedias” Dias Brazil 3,717,764
8 Patrick “pads1161” Leonard United Kingdom 3,497,631
9 pkr_falk Sweden 3,432,073
10 I’m “I1206” Joentausta Finland 3,239,335

Poles dominate the main event of the $ 109 PLO

Players from Poland currently occupy the top three places in the chip count in the $ 109 main PLO event, where only 18 of the 2,797 participants have chips in their stacks.

“MagicRoslin” they should be passionate about their chances of glory because they have 14,045,295 tokens and are in second place. “pokerqmaster” and has 8,230,644. A third Polish windmill, “NERINEJA85”ranks third with 6,923,672 tokens.

Someone will come out with $ 40,628 tonight, find out who’s in PokerNews‘Recap of June 1st.

SCOOP 97-L: $ 109 PLO Main Event Top 10 Chip Counts

Place Player Country Chips
1 MagicRoslin Poland 14,045,295
2 pokerqmaster Poland 8,230,644
3 NERINEJA85 Poland 6,923,672
4 Saage Finland 5,284,419
5 mahmuttt88 Finland 4,451,906
6 bullennr22 Sweden 3,832,864
7 NIzkm9 Hungary 3,589,048
8 Nadhob Ukraine 3,468,697
9 Texas Finland 3,177,121
10 Grave / Snus Sweden 3,148,572

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