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If you’re studying this posting, the prospects are that you already know your MBTI character sort, your StrengthsFinder end result, and your moon and ascendant symptoms. Now, there’s a person additional way to know oneself or other folks better—through snack choices!

In accordance to a review performed by psychiatrist and neurologist Alan Hirsch, there is a hyperlink between food stuff tastes and personality due to the fact smell and taste are processed in the limbic system—the part of the brain that controls emotions. To obtain out more about the website link among the two, Hirsch analyzed the snacks preferred by certain temperament sorts.

Scroll down to glimpse for your beloved snack and uncover out what it suggests about you!

Potato Chips

Hirsch’s study found that potato chip-poppers are typically bold and aggressive. They are large achievers who enjoy achievements. If you appreciate potato chips, you may also come to feel frustrated when dealing with slight inconveniences. So, it is best to recall to be individual and retain tranquil.


The study identified that most pretzel snackers are lively and energetic. They enjoy dressing up, which improves their self-confidence concentrations. They are also most probably seen obtaining enjoyment in a group. If you appreciate pretzels, you may also are likely to overcommit, which can guide to friction in your personalized and do the job relationships. So, always consider two times before agreeing to something.  

Tortilla Chips

Tortilla chip snackers are perfectionists. The review observed that they are humanitarians—always striving to be the finest, not only for them selves but also for many others. They are also good planners and are often very self-disciplined. If you choose tortilla chips, you could possibly have been just one of people learners who argued with teachers for an A+ alternatively of just the A.

Meat Treats

Those who choose for savory, meat-based mostly treats are additional probably to be faithful to close friends or their beloved sports activities teams. If this is you, you may also are likely to be above-trusting. This predisposes you to psychological turmoil when another person disappoints or betrays you.


Biscuit snackers were being discovered to be contemplative and considerate. In accordance to Hirsch’s conclusions, biscuit snackers worth their by yourself time and are most imaginative when supplied the time and room to think. Their biggest battle is that all of their projects contend for their time and consideration. If you appreciate snacking on biscuits, you may well want to approach your break moments so that you can give your 100% to your operate or research.

Nutella B-completely ready is the fantastic snack for you as you do not have to fret about Nutella-included fingers. You can snack and type at the exact time!

You can also bring Nutella’s goodness just about everywhere you go. You can simply pop a bar even though ready at the grocery, braving hurry hour visitors, or waiting around for the rain to quit. Nutella B-ready is an critical that you wouldn’t want to be with out.

Formed like a mini baguette, Nutella B-all set is filled with the creamy, hazelnut-y, and chocolatey flavor of Nutella and a sprinkling of puffed wheat crispies. When you test it, it is quick to see (or flavor) how this multi-texture sensory delight has a cult adhering to worldwide, which include Europe, Australia, and Singapore.

The great information is that you don’t have to go to Europe or enlist the ‘pasabuy’ companies of an global shopper to get your favorite snack. Nutella B-all set is now commonly offered in supermarkets and grocery shops in the Philippines.

With Nutella B-completely ready, snacking though working or chilling at home just acquired a lot more exciting!

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