KathNiel Fans React to Karla Estrada Running Under Her Chosen Partylist

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla’s (KathNiel) fans didn’t hold back from sharing their opinions on Karla Estrada and her decision to run for office under the Tingog Partylist. Showbiz and politics have always overlapped in the past, but just why are fans so pressed this time?


Karla Estrada and the Tingog Partylist

Estrada filed for a certificate as Tingog Sinirangan partylist’s third nominee. The move raised some eyebrows online especially since the partylist’s current representative, Yedda Romualdez, is one of those who voted to reject the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise last July 2020.


Estrada’s reason

JC Padilla, Estrada’s son and Daniel’s brother, gave everyone the reason behind the decision. Apparently, Estrada joined the opposition in the hopes of helping them change their mind about ABS-CBN. Maybe this was a case of “keeping your enemies close” enough so you can turn the tables on them.


Obviously, that didn’t sit well with KathNiel fans. They were still confused as to why Estrada chose to partner with people involved in shutting down her son’s home network and hampering hundreds of livelihoods in the process.


Even fellow celebrities celebrate her run

Media personalities poured congratulatory comments under Estrada’s official announcement on Instagram. Toni Gonzaga, Melai Cantiveros, Candy Pangilinan, and Ruffa Gutierrez are just some of the celebrities who expressed their support. But it looks like in spite of the celebrity support, her son’s fandom thinks differently.


KathNiel fans make a stand

To let everyone know that they disagree with Estrada, Twitter fan accounts have been posting open letters addressed to Kathryn and Daniel themselves. This particular one by user @MMXIKathNiel recalled how back in 2020, in the middle of the ABS-CBN shutdown issue, the pair fought for press freedom, those who lost their jobs, and those who were victims of the abuse of power. A year later, Daniel’s parents are now part of the group that is the complete opposite of what their son stands for.

“Ms. Karla Estrada has signed with Tingog Partylist because she believes that she can change their stand re: ABS-CBN franchise,” said the letter. “We think differently. If you fight for [what’s] right, you will never team up with people who once practiced oppression.”


Using KathNiel fan accounts for promotion?

Another issue MMXI KathNiel raised is how Estrada’s team seems to have been urging fan accounts dedicated to her son to repost campaign teasers. It added that the admins of the fan accounts were not aware that it was connected to the candidacy.

The group ended the letter by saying they are willing to cut off their support for the love team until they respond to the fandom’s calls to take a stand. “We are calling Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla to take themselves out of this, to take a stand and never allow their names to be involved [with] someone’s political gain that they don’t support and against their beliefs.”

“9 years of supporting you is not a joke to us, it’s special… and it wasn’t easy to make a decision like this,” captioned the fan account.  “Everything is political. And we make choices that involve more than 100 million people,” it ended.

As of writing, MMXI KathNiel’s Twitter bio has been changed to say “MMXI KathNiel is now offline.”


ABS-CBN’s statement

As for ABS-CBN, they issued their own statement regarding Estrada’s “desire to continue serving her kababayans” as a public official. They simply said that they respect her decision and that they wish her well as she continues her mission of service. Estrada is one of the hosts for ABS-CBN’s Magandang Buhay.



Over at Twitter, fans of the loveteam trended the hashtag #WithdrawKarlaEstrada. They didn’t hesitate to express their concerns not only for Estrada’s political stance but also for the tight spot it will put her son in.


Filipinos first before becoming fans

It’s high time we put to rest the assumption that fans idolize their favorites to the point that they’re blinded by everything else. In this age of information, fans can decide for themselves where they draw the line between adoration and blind devotion. But that isn’t to say that it’s easy to make a stand, especially when that means distancing yourself from something you’ve loved for so long. KathNiel fans simply want their favorite love team to speak out so they can decide where they stand in the aftermath.

What do you think of KathNiel fans making their stand against Karla Estrada and her party list?


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