Pang Negosyo Injoy Milk Tea Recipe (with Costing)

We all could need to have some excess cash flow that is fun and easy to put together. Here’s yet another pang Negosyo notion for people who are nevertheless planning to get started their own compact small business at house. This Injoy Milk Tea recipe is really easy to prepare, delicious and most of all, you don’t need a huge volume of cash to start.

Here’s the treatment on how to begin your personal Injoy Milk Tea Negosyo at household:


500g InJoy Milk Tea Hazelnut Powder Combine

5 L Drinking water

500g Injoy Tapioca Pearls


Plastic Cups 16 oz (14 pcs)


Injoy Milk Tea flavors

Course of action:

1. Cook dinner the Injoy Tapioca Pearls. Boil h2o in a massive pot. Once it starts to boil, include the tapioca pearls. Stir until eventually the pearls float. Go over the pot and cook for 30 minutes. Convert off the fire and let it sit for yet another 30 minutes.

2. Strain and rinse with cold functioning h2o.

3. If you want to include sugar syrup, just dissolve 500g of brown sugar in 500ml of water and boil. Then incorporate it to the cooked tapioca pearls.

4. Entirely dissolve 500g InJoy Milk Tea Hazelnut Powder Mix in 5L of chilly water and ice.

5. Provide with tapioca pearls.

To observe the actual step by step on cooking the best chewy boba pearls, you can look at their online video tutorial below:

There are so numerous milk tea flavors offered for you to be creative with your milk tea recipes! Right here is a costing guideline so you can have an idea on your likely earnings from your enterprise!

Costing For each Cup:

500g InJoy Milk Tea Hazelnut Powder Combine ₱104.00
5 L H2o (P30 per 20 L) ₱7.50
500g Injoy Tapioca Pearls ₱45.00
14 pcs 16oz plastic cup ₱15.00
14 pcs straw ₱10.00
Total ₱181.50

Overall ₱181.50 / 14 cups = ₱12.96 for each cup

SRP per cup: ₱25.00

***Possible Promoting Selling price: P50 or extra! You can even incorporate an additional demand of P5 for further pearls, and many others.

Injoy Milk Tea

The best time to begin is now! You can buy your inJoy milk tea elements and products on their inJoy Site or their inJoy Shopee and inJoy Lazada pages.

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