PASCOOP winners Michael Hammers talks about Grinding & Streaming Online

For some players, it is difficult to participate as a professional poker player. But Michael Hammers he received some bad letters during the pandemic and had to choose.

The pandemic affected everyone differently and Hammers saw his computer business take a descent. That meant more time at the online poker tables Pennsylvania.

“I’m here playing professional poker as a direct result of the pandemic,” Hammers says. “I’ve always ventured. But when my computer work wasn’t enough, I decided it was time to take poker seriously.”

Hammers started focusing heavily on the online routine about six months ago. The 37-year-old from York works every day i PokerStars PA.

Grinding in line

Hammers goes through online names “Laxethis”And“ $massapid7”. He started his online poker career a little, but is focusing on bankroll management.

Recently, a deep career in PokerStars helped increase their confidence as well as their liquidity. He scored runner-up in the Sunday special per $ 8,700.

Another great race came to the PASCOOP series on PokerStars. His hard work paid off when he eliminated the $ 5,000 guaranteed start-up event. Hammers earned $ 1,300 and a trophy for his success.

The computer man who plays poker takes his job and time seriously to take his game to another level in 2022.

“I played as many events online and live as possible,” he says. “In this business, if you are not increasing the volume, you are rarely winning. And that’s not fun! “

Hammer in live events

Michael Hammers fighting at the table.

Although he is considered more of an online player, Hammers has shown that he also has what it takes to play live. He has won seven live tournaments since January.

Recently on a trip to Maryland live for the State Poker Championships, he rushed with three appearances at the final table in three days. Included:

  • $ 400 Deepstack: Third Per $ 2,937
  • $ 500 Mystery Bounty: Fifth for $ 2,393
  • $ 200 reward: Fifth for $ 1,333

Video games in Texas Hold’em

A life in poker took an interesting route for Hammers. Some friends and the video game Hello played an important role.

“When Halo was big, I think it was just when Halo 2 came out, 18 years ago, we got together to play, “says Hammers.” Then the homeowner started moving in. $ 5 Texas Hold’em tournaments.

“These games seemed to me the most fun I’ve ever had playing anything, thinking back: fighting each other with our ingenuity because that’s really all we had. There’s no real understanding of the game. Just luck and courage. “.

A few years later, he earned cash by lending money to his friend one night at the casino. That stroke of luck sparked one of his online screen names.

“I lent a friend $ 100 to play poker at Delaware Park, “he says.” He ended up winning the bad beat jackpot $ 51,700. ”


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Study, play, play, repeat

While Hammers’ screen name may be Lazethis, his work ethic proves otherwise. According to the online poker tracker SharkScopecurrently ranks 22nd in earnings for 2022 at PokerStars PA.

Hammers also started recently streaming on Twitch (see its unique s5reaming settings in the main image).

“I like real-time playback because it boosts my game to the best of my ability and I play a little more aggressively while I’m online,” says Hammers. “I also like that I can promote poker and inspire others to play as well.”

In addition to playing and playing, Hammers studies and literally goes out to books on his days off.

“Books, books and more books,” he says. “I don’t just read them, I internalize them. I try to take them two days a week and dedicate them to study. Usually on Mondays and Tuesdays, as the volume of players is usually the lowest these days. “

Beyond that, Hammers hopes to disappear from the tournaments eventually. Your goal is to earn enough money to give back to others.

“My ultimate goal is to be a high bet cash game player, “he says,” and then put the money where it can help people the most. “

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