Pinoys Post the Funniest Pink Tweets in Support of VP Leni Robredo

In the hours leading up to VP Leni Robredo’s official announcement about her presidential run for the 2022 elections, Twitter was buzzing with excitement. Filipinos took to the platform to express their support in the most Pinoy way possible — with a dash of humor. The occasion is marked with one color: pink. While a bid for the presidency is a serious matter, Pinoys are known to expertly balance seriousness with funny. Here are the best “pink” posts by netizens you can laugh at.



VP Leni actually filed her certificate of candidacy for president as an independent candidate. The color of the moment is now pink signifying that she isn’t running under the Liberal Party — it’s a new path. It’s not “Dilawan” anymore, it’s “Anak ng Fuchsia” as musician Bullet Dumas pointed out.

Uncomfortable with “Anak ng Fuchsia”? Or maybe it’s too challenging to spell. Then how about “maminkmink”?


The reaction video


All we can say is RIP to the ears of those with headphones.

Some also commented on VP Leni’s OOTD to her announcement. She wore a blue blouse with a large pink ribbon on the chest and everything somehow resembles a fairy godmother.


Lady Gaga

And now for the personalities present during VP Leni’s announcement. Mother Monster herself was apparently at the VP’s headquarters and she wearing hot pink to show her support too.



Director Antoinette Jadaone was excited to share that Beyoncé approves of the pink aesthetic too. She made an appearance on our timelines to ask everyone: Who run the world?



It’s inevitable that American singer/songwriter P!nk would show up. After all, she has a reason to be there — it’s literally her color everyone is shouting.


Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift knows how to keep up with her pink ensemble. Here’s a shot of her in different shades of pink, for her song “ME!”


And, finally, the K-pop stans that joined the conversation

Here come the K-pop stans. Filipino ARMYs (BTS’ fandom) know how to make jokes but they also know when to get serious. Proof? They are organizing an #ARMYforLeni online campaign for their presidential bet.


Here’s another K-pop group, Red Velvet, who apparently attended the announcement. Did you know Filipino K-pop stans have started to form a group on Facebook called “Kpop Stans For Leni“?


An image you can hear



Have you seen other funny “pink” posts everyone should see? Share it with us in the comments!


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