Surface of accusations of lost funds in the American card room of the offshore poker site

Reports began to appear on Monday that players on the high seas online poker place American letter room (ACR) took thousands of dollars out of their accounts.

Initial reports came from Poker Fraud Alert with a player who reported an incident on March 13th. He said someone almost infringed his account $ 9,000 taken away. The player reported that he had received an email informing him of the withdrawal which he never authorized.

After attempts to get ACR security assistance were unsuccessful, the player turned to Twitter to detail the situation.

β€œThere may be some potentially very obscure (happening) things inside the site,” the user alleged. “I know that anyone I’m tagging in this post has nothing to do with this situation. I’m just trying to spread the word so that this doesn’t happen to others. Personally, I know I’m not the only person who’s been through this. ACR in recent months “.


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Funds disappearing

ACR is an offshore site based in Costa Rica which offers online poker and other forms of online games for US players. However, the site is not regulated in any US legal market.

The player who initially brought the situation to light said he received an email just two or three minutes before the withdrawal. However, the user had to click on these links to authorize the withdrawal, which he says he did not do.

The player reported that no one else had logged in to their email account and had not reset or modified their ACR. password.

The player was frustrated that ACR security it just blocked your account and made you reset your password. Poker Fraud Alert owner Todd Witteles he later reported that the player’s account had been credited $ 9,000 after the site posted the breach.

Witteles speculated that the breach may have come from someone within the company.

“It seems very unlikely that ACR has accredited this type $ 8,800 “If the breach” was due to your own inability to keep your account or computer safe! ” an internal work (“incident of non-compliance”), so they expelled the man his money “.

Others report similar incidents

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. After the first incident, Witteles reported receiving reports from other players offering similar stories.

“All of them involve $ 9,000 $ 20,000with the exception of a strange situation in which a boy deposited $ 247 and he was immediately removed and stolen, “he said.” Interestingly, they did not touch the original $ 68 he had in his account before the deposit.

“They all have very similar circumstances: no password change, no email breach, and no signal that it’s not working properly. Bitcoinand they lost money. “

In some of these cases, the site refunded the funds to the players’ accounts. Others had not yet received the returned funds. Witteles posted his concerns on Twitter to inform others about the issues.

Some players responded to Witteles who had experienced similar problems. Others reported that they had withdrawn their funds when the allegations arose. Some users wondered why the company doesn’t use it authorization of two factors for withdrawals.

There are no comments for ACR yet

As of Tuesday, ACR had not officially commented on the situation. CEO of the company Phil Gran nor had he commented on the allegations.

USPoker sent an email to the company commenting on the alleged security breaches, but has not yet received a response. If the company responds, USPoker will update this story with comments from ACR officials.

“Something’s going on here,” Witteles said of the site’s latest incident Poker Fraud Alert. “I do not believe it management is involved. My theory is that one or more rogue employees have a way of accessing accounts without having to know the password, or alternatively, they can see the passwords in some way. “

This is not the first time that players have complained about security or gaming issues with ACR. In 2020several players complained about various technical flaws with the cards on the site.

Some could not see the cards from the river, while other players were never dealt the cards while in a tournament. Other complaints include:

  • Receive only one card in Texas Hold’em.
  • A hand labeled “non-negotiable,” a rarity in online poker.
  • Incorrect pot separations reward a losing player in Seven Card Stud Hi / Lo.
  • Bots and players without screen names.
  • Suspension of the tournament at random.

Online poker legalized in the USA

The latter situation points to the importance of playing in a legal and regulated environment. In the US, poker and online gambling are regulated by state.

In the U.S., legalized online poker is currently running in five states, including:

West Virginia i Connecticut they have also legalized online poker, but no companies have been seen in the market yet. Many players expect 2022 to be the year when interstate pacts allow states to join forces for shared liquidity. This would result in bigger players and prizes.

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