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As 2022 starts unfolding, extra and a lot more men and women are reporting they are emotion unwell, with some even tests positive for COVID-19, and we’re looking at additional than 20,000 positive circumstances each day extra to our countrywide figures. Your social media feed is probably complete of friends seeking for medicine, telling you to continue to be secure, or inquiring for medical guidance. So when Television set host Korina Sanchez just lately shared some holiday getaway pics on Instagram, it was not very long ahead of individuals on the world wide web commenced contacting her out. But what accurately was so offensive about what she posted?


This is what she posted

korina sanchez ig post
Previous evening, Sanchez shared a image of herself in a swimsuit with a huge smile on her deal with. “IMAGINE. Lahat nagka covid na. Ako never pa. And Im ALL About. Thank you, Lord. Sadya akong pinagpala kase dami ko tinutulungan?” [sic] the original caption read.

korina sanchez ig post
This caption was later edited to examine: “IMAGINE. Lahat nagka covid na. Ako never pa. And Im ALL Above. Thank you, Lord. Sobra akong pinagpala kase baka nakakatulong yung may perhaps natutulungan din? Remember to bless and mend those people contaminated.” [sic]

Irrespective of the adjust and the addition of a prayer, netizens have presently caught on. And they didn’t like what Sanchez appeared to be implying with her caption.


But that wasn’t the only one particular

Sanchez also revealed an additional put up that raised even more eyebrows. It was just a simple photograph showcasing a spread of foodstuff and a glass of wine.

Her caption go through: “GUESS the place? When men and women are fearful to go out and the restos are once again unfastened, very best time for al fresco eating to unwind soon after a entire day’s function. Cheers to the stop of omicron and today’s 21,000 new beneficial scenarios. Kaya natin itoh. #DeathToCovid #Grateful #BestLife”


Why the laughter?

korina sanchez ig post
Netizens ended up really perplexed with the last part of her caption. “Cheers?” a lot of were being asking. One particular truly did — and they received a reply, albeit possibly not what they had been anticipating. What does laughing indicate in this situation specifically? Can anyone reveal to us, far too?


Some are indicating she’s currently being ‘tone deaf’ and ‘insensitive’

korina sanchez ig post

This pandemic is no laughing make any difference.
korina sanchez ig post
Regrettably, the edit didn’t appear to enable a lot.
korina sanchez ig post
Not all of us dwell in the same reality immediately after all.
korina sanchez ig post
It is only Week 2 of 2022.

Meanwhile, a handful of locate her image distracting

korina sanchez ig post

Honestly however, is it a preset? The contrast is variety of … off.
korina sanchez ig post
Facet note: Snapseed is a pretty beneficial photograph editing app.

‘Tone deaf agad?’

When instructed her publish is “tone deaf,” Sanchez replied in a remark, “Talaga ba? Nagpapasalamat lang na di pa na covid tone deaf na? Baka ikaw?”
korina sanchez ig post
The netizen speedily clarified why they explained her article that way. They explained it is for the reason that she related a motive for her protection from COVID-19 that not lots of are capable of carrying out. “Kase po marami ka natutulungan. So paano po iyong mga hindi kaya tumulong?”


Does ‘helping others’ equate to ‘being blessed’?

But in all seriousness, this is not a give-and-get sort of correlation. Just for the reason that you served other individuals does not give you a ticket to a bubble of security from viral infection. And just simply because you weren’t in a position to assist others for a person purpose or another (and there are *a ton* of factors) doesn’t mean you are certain to close up in the healthcare facility.
korina sanchez ig post

korina sanchez ig post
This is not a ethical difficulty. COVID-19 is a sickness that chooses no a person, and this mentality of equating great deeds with safety would do none of us any very good. We’re all just making an attempt to endure to see the conclusion of this pandemic.



Sanchez has given that deleted the to start with beach photo. But before these days, she shared new pictures from the same working day, with a new caption: “Thank you Lord. So quite a few sick and contaminated. Ive never been positive—- even as Im all over for work I have to do. Frontliner pa ako ngayon sa househelp and driver ko. Help me support other people by means of this pandemic. Kaya natin ito.”


Any ideas on what occurred?

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