Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

The world of Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon has jumped to the modern day in the upcoming spinoff series, Dragons: The Nine Realms.

In the first teaser for the show, we get to see a teen riding a Night Fury dragon that could very well be a descendant of Toothless. But the boy’s garb is far from Hiccup’s Viking attire; he wears a varsity jacket over a bright yellow shirt while his hair is also cut like a modern-day high school kid. Watch the teaser trailer below:

Here is Dreamwork’s official synopsis for the series:

Set 1,300 years after the events of How To Train Your Dragon, dragons are now just a legend to the modern world. When a geological anomaly opens up an immense, miles-deep fissure in the Earth’s surface, scientists from all over the world gather at a new research facility to study the mysterious phenomenon. Soon a group of misfit kids, brought to the site by their parents, uncover the truth about dragons and where they’ve been hiding — a secret they must keep to themselves to protect what they’ve discovered.

John Tellegen serves as the showrunner, while its voice cast is led by Adventure Time‘s Jeremy Shada. It is set to land on Peacock and Hulu this December 23.

Dreamworks’ How To Train Your Dragon released its third and final film, How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World back in 2019. The original films followed the story of the Norse teenager Hiccup who befriends a rare dragon at a time when his people believed that dragons are enemies. The movie franchise has also spawned multiple spinoff shows in the past including Dreamworks Dragons and Dreamworks Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Homestream image from Dreamworks on Twitter.

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